Viral TikTok video claims NJ woman was scammed by a Jersey City hair braider

A woman's TikTok has gone viral after she claims a hair braider in Jersey City took $100 for her appointment in September and then overslept, cancelling her appointment.
Joanna Georges says the hairstylist dodged her attempt to get her deposit back and she said she's now taking the stylist to small claims court. She says she didn't want it to escalate to this point and that she wanted the stylist to take responsibility. Georges also claims she contacted the state cosmetology board.
Another alleged victim emailed News 12 New Jersey saying they had a similar experience.
The original video Georges posted has gone viral and sparked a lot of social media conversation with people sharing similar experiences.
One person commented on the Tik Tok post and said, “the same happened to me it was only $20 but still.”
Another comment says, “You’ve started a movement! These stylists are shaking in their boots lol.”
News 12 has reached out to police for more information.