NJ residents travel to hotels in effort to save victims of human trafficking

Volunteers across the Garden State helped spread awareness Saturday about human trafficking.
As part of a statewide outreach program, residents headed out to hotels with missing children's flyers and bars of soap with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number on it.
"It's small--it's somewhat discrete but somebody who may be stuck in a bathroom can find that number and take it with them and make the call at the appropriate time," said Pastor Tim Kaetzel of the Evangel Chapel.
The initiative was started by the Church and Community Abolition Network (CAN), a nonprofit dedicated to helping locate victims of human trafficking.
Some volunteers joined the cause after realizing how prevalent the problem was in the United States.
"I just thought it was overseas or foreign and never really though that it could be so close to home," said Pamela Coscia of Hillborough.
Members of CAN say every time they do an outreach, at least one person is identified by hotel staff on the missing persons flyers.
CAN held five separate outreaches across the state in Bridgewater, Wayne, Hackettstown, Little Egg Harbor and Blackwood.
They were able to give out nearly 150,000 bars of soap.