NJ pharmacist eager to vaccinate teachers, if he can get supply of shots

A New Jersey pharmacist says that he is ready to vaccinate thousands of people in the state, if he can only get his hands on a supply.
“With two stores, me, I know I can give 4,000 patients [the vaccine] with no problem,” says pharmacist Wael Isaac.
Isaac has been vaccinating patients against the flu and other diseases for years. He says that he has the system down and is ready to do the same for COVID at his two pharmacy locations in Hoboken and Garwood. But he says that he has not been told when he will be able to get the vaccines to distribute.
“They told me that they have to finish 1A and 1B categories and after that, they’re going to supply us with the vaccine. When? No one knows,” he says.
But Isaac is already taking a proactive approach, collecting contact information for those he says he is making a priority – teachers.
“I understand how it’s important for teaches to be safe. The point is if anyone thought about it for five seconds, if you vaccinated teachers, half of the states will go back to work,” he says.
Isaac has a list of names and numbers, with plans to make appointments as soon as teachers are eligible to receive the vaccine and he can get a supply. He says that with years of experience on his side, all he and other pharmacists need are the vaccines to get the job done.
“If they let all the logistics go to pharmacists to finish it, we can finish the vaccine in one month, as long as they give us the supplies,” he says.
Isaac says that he has more than 1,000 teachers signed up and ready to receive the vaccine at his two locations.
News 12 New Jersey reached out to the state Department of Health to find out how a vaccine provider becomes eligible to become a distribution site, but did not hear back.
Distribution sites must follow CDC requirements, register with the state and adhere to state guidelines for eligibility.