NJ doctor takes flight to raise money for Alzheimer’s

A New Jersey doctor is back in the Garden State after a four-week flight around the world for a good cause.
Dr. Ed Galkin visited over a dozen countries, traveled over 23,000 miles and raised $15,000 for Alzheimer's research since he left his Central Jersey residence on Oct. 26.
This trip marks the third time Galkin flew across the globe.
He made his first trip to collect donations and raise awareness for Alzheimer's after his brother died from the disease three years ago.
Galkin and his co-pilot Marty Balk broke up the trip and stayed on the ground in places like Jakarta, Abu Dhabi and Christmas Island for a couple of days before moving on.
The Edison doctor says the best part of the trip was the people he encountered.
"I found they were like you and I," Galkin says. "They were just human beings, they had the same problems and the same loves and the same cares you and I have."
Galkin, who is 82, says this trip is "probably not" his last.
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