NJ attorney general: Plans to release 3D gun blueprints put on hold

A Texas company’s plans to post blueprints for 3D printable guns online for the public has been stopped – at least for now, according to the New Jersey attorney general.
Attorney General Gurbir Grewal posted on Twitter that Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson “backs down” after Grewal filed a lawsuit against him for his plans.
“Wilson agrees not to post any new dangerous 3D printable guns until our September hearing,” Grewal posted. “Court orders him to keep his word. The fight for public safety continues.”
Wilson has previously filed his own lawsuit against Grewal after the attorney general filed a cease and desist letter related to the blueprints. Wilson posted on Twitter that attorneys general from 21 states had filed lawsuits against him.
The Trump administration previously ruled to allow Wilson and Defense Distributed to publish the blueprints. Several states, including New Jersey, filed suit against the administration about the decision.
Sen. Bob Menendez joined other Democrats in Congress Tuesday to announce the “3D Printing Safety Act” to prevent anyone from posting the blueprints online.
“Republicans say they want to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, with this settlement, violent criminals can manufacture firearms. And not just any firearms, untraceable firearm,” Menendez said.
President Donald Trump said that he is looking into the situation.
“I am looking into 3D plastic guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to the NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!” the president tweeted.
Lawmakers say that the 3D printable guns are dangerous because they are unregistered and can be undetectable by metal detectors because they are made from plastic.
But those who support the release say that the blueprints are protected by the First and Second amendments.