NJ arts organizations to receive $2.6 million in grants for help during pandemic

Those who work in the arts and entertainment industry have seen the pandemic impact their way of life and endanger their livelihoods.
Activities like live theater, concerts and art shows have been almost entirely off-limits due to pandemic-related closures. It has impacted more than 20,000 New Jersey residents who work in the arts.
“It’s the center of so many communities. It’s an economic driver,” says New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund co-chair Sharnita Johnson.
The recovery fund announced this week $2.6 million in grants to more than 100 nonprofit arts and historical organizations.
The fund was set up last year. Its major donors include New Jersey-based celebrities Stephen and Evie Colbert and Jon and Tracey Stewart. The fund has received more than $4 million in donations.
A second round of grants will be awarded soon. Fund co-chair and philanthropist Jeremy Grunin says that he believes the arts help people in their daily lives, especially during this pandemic.
“This is about education, this is about our youth, this is about creativity. This is about mental health to a large extent,” Grunin says.
The hope is that the funding can make a difference to the arts organizations now trying to make a difference for New Jersey.
The fund is hosted by the Princeton Area Community Foundation. There will be an information session online for artists on Friday morning.
You can register for one of the sessions here:
There will also be informal office hours for general inquiries. You can access the office hours during these times here: