Newtown Public Schools will be remote on 9th anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting

Newtown Public Schools will be remote on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting, the superintendent announced Wednesday.
Tuesday, Dec. 14 is the ninth anniversary of the shooting.
Superintendent Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue says they often have to deal with calls or threats on the anniversary, causing more stress for the school community. Three years ago, students and faculty were evacuated from Sandy Hook Elementary School due to a threat.
"Our goal this year is to minimize the level of stress on students, parents, and staff given the current climate," said Rodrigue.
The superintendent says in years past, only age-appropriate messaging was used in remembrance of the day and it was never discussed at the lower level, leaving that responsibility to parents.
To explain why they are going remote Tuesday to the younger students, Rodrigue said, "The district has decided to use a remote learning day on 12/14 and students will be using their devices to practice their skills as digital learners for the first time this year. This will prepare them if we should use another remote day for a weather-related closure."
Details will be shared with students about the remote learning day Thursday.