News 12 viewers appalled by practice of pet leasing

News 12 New Jersey viewers had a strong reaction to a Kane in Your Corner story about the practice of pet leasing.
The investigation revealed that some pet owners didn’t actually own their pets, but were actually leasing them with an option to buy them for more money than they originally thought.
Patty and Scott Smith told News 12’s Walt Kane that they purchased a dog from a pet store in Middletown. When they went to pay off the money that they owed, they were told that the dog was actually only for lease.
“I said, ‘what do you mean, I leased the dog? I don't understand what that even means,’” said Scott Smith.
Some state lawmakers are also looking into bills to ban the practice of leasing dogs.
The story struck a nerve with many New Jersey residents, who say that they can’t believe such a practice is allowed.
“People get attached to their pets,” says News 12 viewer Barbara. “This is like extortion so they can keep them.”
Many News 12 viewers said that people shouldn’t even be buying pets in the first place.
“That’s why you adopt and don’t shop,” says Noelle.
“If you’re buying a dog in a pet store, you are not in a legit place,” says Jackie.
Many animal rights advocates say that anyone looking to have a pet should adopt one from a local animal shelter since there are so many dogs that need loving homes.