Newark woman who helped wounded police officers honored at ceremony

The American Dream Mall in East Rutherford hosted its "Heroes of the Dream" award ceremony - honoring a Newark woman who helped two wounded police officers.   
On Nov. 1, officers Johnny Aquino and Jabrill Paul were shot after attempting to question a man in the back parking lot of 25 Van Velsor Place near Chancellor Avenue.   
Angela Walker, who had been dropping off groceries for her husband and daughter at the time, moved her car to shield the officers from bullets and tended to their injuries during the gunfire.   
Both officers were later taken to the hospital for treatment. The shooter, 30-year-old Kendall Howard, was tracked down and arrested after a 22-hour manhunt.  
News 12 New Jersey spoke with Walker three days after the incident.   
“I wasn't even thinking about bullets. All I saw was him and I was only thinking about saving him. I would want someone to do that for me my family my daughter husband sister,” she said.   
Walker’s bravery was recognized Sunday evening at the ceremony, where she received the Heroes of the Dream award. 
“I didn’t see an officer or a cop. I saw a person who needed my help, and that’s what I did,” she said. “I just thank the officers. They are heroes. They get up in the morning to protect us.”  
Officers Aquino and Paul were thankful for her courage.  
“We are very grateful for her being there for us and taking care of us when that happened. Especially when she came over and put the paper towel on my neck. Honestly, very few people would do that and I’m happy she was there,” said Aquino.  
“What she did was very heroic and brave. She put her life on the line to save my partner. Because she did that it means a lot,” said Paul.