Newark’s COVID-19 task force closes 5 businesses for violating regulations

The Newark COVID-19 Task Force cracked down this weekend, shutting the doors of several businesses after they were allegedly caught throwing large Halloween parties and violating rules put in place due to the pandemic.
Police showed up on Vanderpool Street to find a large group of people partying inside one of the warehouses on the block. Police not only broke up the party but when they went inside, they confiscated $10,000 worth of illegally sold alcohol.
Two people who planned the event there were arrested.
Just a five-minute drive away from the warehouse, at La Rouge Lounge, people also were caught violating the order, not wearing masks, not social distancing and using hookahs.
They weren't the only ones - other businesses now closed after allegedly violating the COVID-19 safety orders include King Soccer, Zepe's Cafe Bar, ViVo Lounge and Lit 21.
Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose says after seven months living in a pandemic, he feels it's a shame people aren't taking COVID-19 seriously.
The city of Newark put an 8 p.m. curfew in place for nonessential businesses, dine-in restaurants and bars after seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases.