Newark mayor lashes out at Trump administration for possibly sending more immigration officers to city

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka says he is frustrated with the Trump administration over reports that more Customs and Border Protection officers are coming to sanctuary cities.
The administration says local law enforcement officials in sanctuary cities like Newark do not turn over undocumented individuals accused of crimes.
Baraka says criminals are punished in the city whether they are immigrants or not.
"If you feel like this is a way to get protected, come and try it, find out," Baraka says. "You're going to go to jail if you commit a crime."
Last week, Attorney General William Barr announced that the United States was taking the Garden State to court over the state's policy that limits how much help law enforcement provides to federal officials in enforcing immigration laws.
Newark is one of at least 10 cities across the country where additional Customs and Border Protection officers are reportedly being sent.