Newark City Council votes to shut down Lukoil gas stations. Here’s why it’s being called into question

Newark City Council took a stand against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but the decision to pass a resolution calling for the suspension of the licenses of Lukoil gas stations is being called into question.
There was a unanimous vote in City Hall to suspend the licenses of the gas stations. The move came as a call on social media to #BoycottLukoil gained traction in the days following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 
Council Member Anibal Ramos says the move was his idea. He said he wasn't trying to punish the employees who work at the stations and that the city will move to find them employment at other areas.
The legality of the vote is now under question by several law firms, according to the executive director of the NJ Gasoline Convenience Store Automotive Association.
“This is what we call 'feel-good legislation,'” says Sal Risalvato. “It feels good, it lets the constituents see we're doing something because we really care about the atrocity, yet it does nothing. It accomplishes nothing.”
Lukoil gas stations in the tristate area are run by private franchise owners. The parent company, PJSC Lukoil, is based in Moscow.
News 12 New Jersey did speak with the manager of the station on the phone. He says he just started working a week ago and is completely against the actions of Russia. He's simply trying to support his family.
News 12 has also reached out to Ramos and the mayor for comment.
Mayor Ras Baraka issued a statement that read, "We are unequivocally opposed to any nation violating the sovereignty and invading a democratically elected government and stand with the Ukrainian people. We will look at our legal recourse to carry out such a request."