New York Giants surprise Heart of a Giant Award winner at MetLife Stadium

There was a very special event at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday as the New York Giants surprised this year’s Heart of a Giant Award winner.
Eduardo Recinos was honored for his hard work as a manager for his high school’s football team, as well as for his personal perseverance.
Recinos was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at birth, but never let that hold him back. After years of surgeries and rehab, Recinos can walk on his own.
"He's overcome a lot of obstacles in his life since he was born, and to go from where he was there to now - he's walking on his own and he's part of a team. He's there every day. He's helping out, bringing a lot of energy, positivity, and enthusiasm,” says Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.
Recinos thought he was heading to another round of interviews, but little did he know that Jones would be there to surprise him with the trophy and tickets to the Super Bowl -- plus a $10,000 equipment grant for his high school.