New poll shows concerns about COVID-19 at all-time low as state cases nearly double over a month

A lot of New Jersey residents will be traveling this weekend for religious holidays, and it comes as state COVID-19 cases have nearly doubled what they were a month ago.
A new poll from Monmouth University shows concerns about the virus are at an all-time low.
“I’m celebrating right now going to the Pine Barrens, having a wonderful time - it’s springtime,” says David Leone, of Long Island.
The poll shows 34% support mask mandates and social distancing while 64% oppose. It also shows 45% support a vaccine mandate for work while 52% oppose.
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Support for reinstating measures dropped among every political group. A total of 89% of Democrats supported new measures in September. That is now down to just 50%. 
"I’m a little concerned because last week my daughter someone in her day care class had COVID so we had to keep her home this whole week,” says John Henry, of Watchung. “Fortunately, she tested negative.”
When it comes to vaccine mandates, there is a wide gap when it comes to partisan groups - 72% of Democrats support but just 17% of Republicans support.  
COVID-19 numbers in New Jersey more than doubled from Monday to Thursday, now at 2,289 cases -- the highest number of daily positive cases since mid-February. 
“I drive a bus - so very concerning driving a bus, people getting on,” says Donny Mack, of Jamaica, Queens. “It’s still real. A lot of people don’t think it’s still out there.”
AAA says many people will travel over the extended holiday weekend to see friends and family members despite high gas prices. About 1 in 4 polled were very concerned about a family member contracting COVID-19, down from four in 10 a year ago. 
Half of the adults polled also said they had or think they already had COVID-19 -- 38% said it was confirmed with a test.