New Jerseyans get last-minute beach trips in ahead of Ophelia’s stormy weather

Tropical Storm Ophelia is expected to impact the Jersey Shore this weekend with heavy rain and strong winds.
Since the weather was mostly quiet on Friday, some New Jersey residents took advantage and headed to the beach for a bit.
Winds were already whizzing upwards of 20 mph at Manasquan by Friday evening.
For Cindy Scambos, of Virginia, and her family - being at the beach in Manasquan had a profound meaning.
“This is where we used to come with my grandmother, who recently passed away,” she says. We’re here to celebrate her life and come here to pay homage to her…and the weather, of course, is adding to that feeling of greatness and loss all the things.”
The windy weather and rough surf brought Julie Sabatino out to the shore.
“I like to come out when I know there’s big waves. I come out and take photos and see if there’s anything of interest,” she says. “I’ll probably come out a little later too because I’m sure the waves are going to get bigger. But tomorrow, pouring rain, I won’t be here.”
Officials are urging all New Jersey residents to limit their time spent outdoors this weekend amid the dangerous weather. The rain and storminess is expected to subside by Monday.