New Jersey voters have a variety of issues on their minds

New Jersey voters will be voting on a U.S. Senate seat, along with a dozen House seats this upcoming Election Day.
Voters who spoke with News 12 New Jersey say that there are a variety of issues that are prompting them to vote Tuesday.
Topics of importance to New Jerseyans include climate change, immigration, gun reform, health care and the economy.
Midterm elections are often seen as a referendum on the current president and the president’s agenda.
Some say that they are hoping that Democrats win out, so that they can oppose some of President Donald Trump’s policies. But others are hoping Republicans maintain control to continue the work the president is doing.
But others say that they are disgruntled with all of the political processes and are turned off to voting.
“They all lie and they’re all crooked if you ask me,” said one New Jersey resident. “It’s just a waste of time.”
Voters will be deciding between Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and Republican challenger Bob Hugin. Recent public polls show that Menendez is ahead of Hugin by a small margin.
Surveys show Democrats could pick up House seats in two races where Republican incumbents are retiring. Surveys have also shown close House races in the GOP-controlled 3rd and 7th districts.
Voters will also decide whether to approve $500 million in bonds for educational projects.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.