New Jersey State Police unveil 10 ‘retro’ police cruisers to celebrate 100th anniversary

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the New Jersey State Police.
To celebrate the milestone, the force unveiled 10 new patrol vehicles on Friday and gave them a retro look that some older New Jersey residents may remember.
The old-school black and white cars have a single red light on top. They are designed to resemble the black and white Fords that troopers drove in the 1960s. Automotive and design fans may notice the yellow and blue stripes added decades later to state police vehicles are gone, and the triangle logo is a darker blue.
The new cruisers are outfitted as any modern state police vehicle, and may actually be even more hi-tech than any of their predecessors.
“We have new body-worn camera systems that are linked to the car’s microphone, so we don’t have so many different types of equipment,” says Trooper Ryker Toscano.
The 10 retro cars will be dispatched to barracks throughout the state and used on regular patrols.