New Jersey Special Olympics celebrates 50 years of games

Competition, determination and sportsmanship are all on display this weekend at the New Jersey Special Olympics.
The games got underway at the College of New Jersey in Ewing. Some 2,500 athletes are spending the weekend taking part in the action.
This year is an important milestone -- it marks the 50th anniversary of the New Jersey Special Olympics.
Athletes from ages 2 to 7 played in the Young Athletes World Series on the softball field and ran in the Future Stars Race. And athletes of all ages competed in swimming, bocce, powerlifting, softball, and track and field.
"When they're on the track, they're in the pool, they're on the court, they're going for the gold -- they're trying to do the best they can do," says Heather Andersen, CEO of NJ Special Olympics.
Coaches, parents and spectators say it's awe-inspiring to watch the athletes seek greatness.
The Special Olympics continues Sunday.