New Jersey sees spike in cases of COVID-19

United States health officials may have declared that COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic in the country, but the virus is still having an impact.
New Jersey is seeing a steady uptick in cases as the warmer weather arrives.
Over 1,800 new cases were reported on Monday. The rate of transmission stands at 1.23. There is one new lab-confirmed COVID-19-related death and eight hospital-reported deaths in the last 24 hours.
But the seven-day average paints a bigger picture. There were more than 2,700 cases – up 27% from last week and up 12% from last month.
The New Jersey Department of Health is still urging all eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine and a booster shot.
More than 30,000 New Jersey residents have died from the virus since the pandemic began.