New Jersey school remains closed due to mold. Here’s how students are still attending class

Walter Schirra Elementary School in Old Bridge remains closed after mold was found in late August, but students are still attending class today.
Students are at class at the Old Bridge Municipal Complex at different buildings for grades K through 5. Special education students are at the Madison Park Elementary School, where extra space is available.
The superintendent says the goal was not to split the students up and keep them for the most part together so they can have as normal a start to the new school year as possible.  
In a letter to parents, the superintendent explained how in order to clean the school, everything inside the classrooms had to be removed, cleaned, bagged, tagged and placed on a truck. They needed a few extra days to put everything back and make the school welcoming to students who haven't had full in-school class since the coronavirus pandemic. 
Classes are expected to resume at Walter Schirra Elementary School l on Wednesday.