New Jersey Rubik’s Cube champion gets into Princeton

A New Jersey teen with a knack for solving Rubik’s Cubes is heading to the Ivy League.
Howell resident Daniel Goodman, 18, recently became the U.S. national champion at Pyraminx, by solving the pyramid-shaped puzzle in under three seconds.
He is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube with his feet in under two minutes and he can even solve a cube blindfolded.
Goodman says that he believes that his skills are what got him accepted to Princeton University this upcoming school year.
“I put that on my college application. It was most of my application I would say. It was my entire essay and everything,” says Goodman.
Goodman says that he started to learn how to solve the puzzle six years ago. He says that the key was memorizing the sequences of moves that solve certain parts of the cubes without messing up what's already done.
“I don't think it's much of a natural skill. I think anybody could learn how to do it,” he says.
Goodman’s cubing YouTube Channel has more than 46,000 followers.
He will major in computer science at Princeton.