Storms to linger overnight before less humid Monday

New Jersey residents, businesses asked to conserve water this summer

New Jersey is experiencing a period of persistent dry weather. The state has had less than half its normal rainfall over the last 30 days.

Ali Reid and Lanette Espy

Jun 21, 2023, 10:24 AM

Updated 368 days ago


Gov. Phil Murphy is reminding residents and businesses in New Jersey to use water wisely entering the summer season.
The Garden State is abnormally dry across all regions. Limited rainfall and dry weather have played a big hand in that. New Jersey is not declaring a water supply drought watch now, but the state is getting close to the point of being in a drought watch.
Statewide, New Jersey has had less than half its normal rainfall over the last 30 days. Three of the last four months have had less than normal rainfall. If the rainfall remains below normal and hotter weather arrives, a drought will likely emerge.
In 2022, the state was only abnormally dry in Cape May County.

Tips to save water

There are plenty of things residents can do at home to help save water. Experts say right now the focus is mainly shifted to outdoors. Little things like avoiding recreational toys that require a constant stream of water. And only watering grass and plants when needed can make a huge difference.
If rainfall rises to normal levels in the weeks ahead, New Jersey will be in a much better state. Rain is expected throughout the rest of the week.

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