New Jersey researchers working on faster testing for coronavirus

Researchers in New Jersey are working on developing a faster test for the coronavirus.
The research is being done at Hackensack Meridian’s Center for Discovery and Innovation facility in Nutley. Sen. Bob Menendez toured the facility on Friday.
Officials say that the lab is very close to developing improved and faster testing for the coronavirus. But they say that the one thing standing in their way is that they need a live sample of genetic material for their research.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not yet made a live sample available. Menendez says that he will urge CDC officials to give the researchers the materials that they need.
“The test that I saw earlier in the laboratory, if validated, would take, from the moment the patient is tested, to a result – two hours. That’s what we need,” the senator said.
Medical officials at the facility tell News 12 New Jersey that they have proven the safety and security of the facility. They say that they already work with samples involving other communicable diseases and have never had an incident where people were put in danger.
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The New Jersey Department of Health says that it does currently have the ability to test for the potentially deadly virus. They say that this ability accelerates the turnaround time for diagnosing cases of coronavirus.
Testing will only be done on individuals who meet the CDC criteria for persons under investigation for the virus. The CDC will perform those tests.
There are currently no cases of coronavirus in New Jersey.