New Jersey remembers George Washington on Presidents Day

The Garden State celebrated Presidents Day by honoring the country's first leader, George Washington.
The 141st annual meeting of the Washington Association of New Jersey was held Monday. The group serves as one of the oldest historic preservation organizations in the country.
Those who are part of the group say that while the holiday is called Presidents Day, it's still considered by many in New Jersey to be about Washington.
"The marketers took over and decided that Presidents Day was what it should be called and let's celebrate all our presidents, which, you know, we should but we shouldn't forget the ones who brought us here," said Kevin Tremble, President of the Washington Association.
While stores like Walmart are celebrating Washington's birthday by offering big savings, others believe the federal holiday should be about what role the presidents have played in the country's history.
New Jersey also played a role in the founding father's history as Washington spent two brutal winters in Morristown during the Revolutionary War.
Attendees also heard from historian Carol Berkin, who discussed the role of women in the struggle for American independence.