New Jersey regulators approve rules for recreational cannabis market

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission has approved rules to set up the state's recreational marijuana marketplace.
The five-member commission voted unanimously Thursday to approve the 160 pages of regulations. The rules got expedited treatment under the law, sidestepping the usual public comment and response period.
The rules focus heavily on equity, a main driver of the legislation because of years of disproportionate enforcement of marijuana laws against Black residents in particular.
“Some people will say we didn't go too far, some people will say we didn't go far enough,” says commission chair Dianna Houenou.
“These rules allow New Jersey to create a business made to create thousands of new jobs,” says commissioner Krista Nash.
A specific timeline for when businesses might be open wasn’t given during the meeting.
The board says it will prioritize applications from minority, women, and disabled veteran-owned businesses.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.