New Jersey reaches milestones in fight against coronavirus

New Jersey is reaching milestones in the fight against COVID-19 at vaccination sites across the state.
Gov. Phil Murphy tweeted out a photo from the Edison vaccination site in Middlesex County, which shows the 100,000th dose going into a person's arm.
A similar scene happened at the Atlantic County mega site where they also surpassed 100,000 doses.
With these accomplishments, one may ask as to where do the counties rank.
As far as number of doses given out, the three highest counties on the list are Bergen, Middlesex, and Essex. However, when one takes into account the vaccine rollout by population percentage, the numbers change.
Cape May County has nearly 44% of its entire population receiving the first dose and 23% fully vaccinated. Last on that list, Hudson County, just 21% of its population has received dose 1 and 9% dose 2.
When taking into account the doses given by age, 58% of residents under 64 have been vaccinated while only 42% of 65 and older have received a dose.
Vaccines will open to new categories come March 29 for people who work in grocery stores, warehouses, eldercare, election bureaus, and others.
Over at the Edison vaccination site, people said more sites could help increase numbers.
"They need more centers like this. I actually called the governor's office. I'm like, 'There's an empty Lowe's on Route 9.' Why not use that as a mini mega center?" asked Kelli Last, who spent the day bringing elderly residents to the site to help them get inoculated.
Murphy has a goal to get 4.7 million New Jersey residents vaccinated within six months.