New Jersey pork roll producer celebrates 100 years in meat business

New Jersey pork roll producer Johnston House Brand is celebrating 100 years in the meat business.
The Pork Roll is New Jersey's unique beloved breakfast meat, and this year the Battisti family is celebrating its centenary, in the meat business.
The company was started in Trenton's Chambersburg neighborhood by Gabriel Battisti in 1920.
His son, Gabriel Jr., started making the family's own brand of pork roll decades ago, and named it Johnston House Brand after the street in Trenton where the family had their shop.
Robbie Goldstein, maiden name Battisti, is a third generation member of the Battisti family which produces and sells the Johnston House brand of pork roll at the Pork Roll Store in Allentown.
"My father was very, very smart in mixing spices. Very ingenious about it. He could eat something and pick up the spices. But he does a totally different blend," says Robbie Goldstein.
The Pork Roll is a small part of their business, they produce their own sausage and homemade kielbasa and other products.
The Pork Roll store celebrated its centennial with an open house this weekend and is planning more events throughout the year, including a blowout summer barbecue this summer.