New Jersey poet collaborating with Brooklyn ballet on world premiere of events in American history

Her poems recently appeared in the New York times magazine's book "The 1619 Project," and now Jasmine Mans is collaborating with the Brooklyn ballet on a new world premiere about unthinkable events in American history.
It was an emotional rehearsal as dancers and poet Jasmine Mans tell her version of the story of the Tulsa massacre of 1921.
Mans says she dramatizes her poems while the dancers bring the text alive.
"I want people to be provoked to know the truth, and so I believe that entertainment is a utility for knowledge," she says.
Merging classical and modern elements Lynn Parkerson, founder and director of Brooklyn ballet has been directing this performance. As a witness of segregation, she says it's important to bring this new narrative in storytelling to life.
"I thought about the piece that we were doing that reflected the times and where we were. That seemed open enough to where you can bring in poetry spoken word to be a central force of the piece," Parkerson says.
The performance consists of street dancers, ballerinas, Middle Eastern and voguing dancers.
It debuts at the Mark O'Donnell theater at the Actors Fund Arts Center March 24 - 27.