New Jersey launches campaign to promote safe police stops

New Jersey is launching a statewide campaign to promote safer situations between police officers and citizens during traffic stops.
Attorney General Christopher Porrino on Wednesday announced a series of public service announcements for TV and radio advising people how to make traffic stops safer for police officers, drivers and passengers.
“We all agree that not every civilian community member trusts the police and we know that not every police officer conducting a stop trusts the person they’re pulling over,” Porrino said.
The attorney general announced the initiative during a news conference at Friendship Baptist Church in Trenton. Some of the people who helped to shape the program were also in attendance, including police officers, religious leaders and professional athletes.
The commercials advise people about the best way to react when being pulled over by a police officer and also advise citizens of their rights when they are pulled over.
“We want to make sure that these stops are safe for everyone. It's important,” says Montclair Police Detective Kim Nelson Edwards, who is featured in one of the PSAs. “We’re hoping that everyone gets it and we hope they don't take offense to it. That they just get educated.”
The campaign includes a commercial featuring NBA champion and Newark native Shaquille O'Neal and former Giant Jessie Armstead. 
Porrino also says that program will give a civilian the ability to file a complaint if they feel that their rights were violated during a stop. Those complaints will be handled by the attorney general’s office within 30 days.
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