New Jersey gets national attention with shout out from Ukraine on Twitter

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is being broadcast across social media in a way no war has ever been before.
Ukraine turned heads over the weekend when the country’s official Twitter account briefly focused on New Jersey.
The account @Ukraine is a verified account whose description identifies it as the official Twitter account of the nation. It only follows 24 other accounts. Nearly all are sovereign nations like Lithuania, Sweden and Japan. It also follows @NJGov – the official Twitter account for the state of New Jersey.
A Twitter user from Arizona noticed this on Friday and wrote a tweet wondering why Ukraine was following New Jersey when it doesn’t follow any other U.S. state.
Whoever runs the @Ukraine account replied back, writing, “cauz they’re cool.” The account then went back to its regular fare of condemning Russia’s attack and videos showing things like a Ukrainian woman defiantly telling off Russian soldiers.
New Jersey social media lit up with the Ukraine shout out, sending messages of support and thanks. One Reddit user on the New Jersey subreddit even wrote, “We’d be happy to disappear [Russian President Vladimir] Putin into the Meadowlands.”
“I think it's an incredible source of pride. The official Ukrainian Twitter feed follows 24 accounts in the world. In the entire world. One in the United States and it's ours. So you talk about wearing that as a badge of honor,” Gov. Phil Murphy said on Monday.
The @NJGov account has gained 400,000+ followers and national media attention for its snarky and often off-beat takes and sibling-like teasing of Delaware and other states. So it may not be a surprise to some that Ukraine took notice.