New Jersey dries out from major flooding around the state

Heavy rain Thursday night put parts of New Jersey underwater with major flooding near the state’s rivers.
The Boys and Girls Club in Lodi had to be closed on Friday due to flooding. The building is close to the Saddle River. Water was still receding from the parking lot on Friday afternoon. News 12 was told the basement of the club was filled with water.
“It’s disruptive. We had to cancel everything going on today – pool, basketball – biggest thing is after-school program,” says Joseph Licata, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Bergen County.
Many roads in the area had to be closed at the height of the morning rush. Many were caught off guard by how bad the flooding was time around - especially those who are still recovering from the last round of flooding.
“We are still finishing repairs from Hurricane Ida,” Licata says. “It’s happening way too frequently – once or twice a year we get water in the parking lot. And that is a nuisance, but we get used to it. This is just – it’s very disruptive, not just to us as an organization, but parents who need the service.”
Over in Morris County, News 12 witnessed another reminder as to why it is always best to drive around and not through floodwaters. A driver in Denville had his car damaged when he tried to drive through a road flooded by the Rockaway River.
Rescue boats in New Milford had to save people who were trapped by flooding from the Hackensack River. About 10 people were rescued between two boats.
The News 12 Storm Watch Team says that rivers will gradually recede throughout the next few days.