New Jersey culinary instructor wins Netflix baking competition

A Burlington County culinary instructor proved that she was one of the best after winning a Christmas-themed Netflix baking competition show.
Pastry Chef Diane Fehder teaches at Rowan College at Burlington County in Mount Holly. But she is also the winner of the Netflix series “Sugar Rush Christmas.”
"The pressure we were under was really intense. It's like a pressure cooker,” she says.
Fehder teamed with her former teacher Toni Lynn Dickinson to take on three intense rounds of cupcakes, confections and a cake – a total of six hours.
"I ran around the kitchen like a chicken with my head cut off,” Fehder says. “My favorite part of the experience was probably proving to myself that I could succeed and bake a cake in four hours and really be in a high-pressure environment and do well in that environment."
Fehder and Dickinson knocked three other teams out of the competition to secure the grand prize of $10,000. Sharing the episode with her students, Fehder says that she wants them to take away just how much work the culinary industry is.
“If you want to be a chocolatier, go learn from a chocolatier. If you want to be a restaurant pastry chef become a pastry cook first,” she says. “I think people need to realize that there's a lot of hard work before you get in front of a camera because you should know what you're doing by the time you get in front of the camera."
Fehder has appeared on two other baking competitions. She says that if the opportunity presents itself again, she would consider doing another one.