New Jersey couple to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary

An Ocean County couple is about to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.
Emily, 98, and Jack Mascola, 99, of Toms River, were married May 9, 1943 at Our Lady of the Valley Church in Orange. The wedding was during World War II when Jack was stationed at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook.
The couple says that they believe that their similar backgrounds helped them avoid any major problems in their marriage. They also said traveling the world helped.
“We never stopped talking. Sometimes she even yelled at me,” Jack joked. “She would do anything to get my attention.”
The couple says that working together to get through hard times is the key to a successful marriage.
“I think one of the things is not to give up so easily,” says Emily.
“The word is commitment. That is to say, don’t expect every day to be sunny. You’re going to have hard times,” Jack says.
The Mascolas have two children, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren – all of whom live in New Jersey.