New Jersey Ballet Company to perform first in-person live show since pandemic shutdown

A landmark moment is about to happen for one of New Jersey’s most famous professional dance companies.
The dancers of the New Jersey Ballet Company are about to perform their first in-person show since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It always makes my heart so happy when you bow at the end of your piece and hear great applause and you made people happy,” says dancer Eunice Suba.
The dance company will be back on stage next Tuesday with a live audience for the first time since March. It is the only show scheduled until the fall.
The company will present a mix of classical ballets and contemporary works. The show is titled “New Look: 2021” and will be performed at the Bickford Theatre at the Morris Museum.
“When I found that out, I think I cried like a baby. We are very excited,” says Catherin Whiting, a longtime member of the company.
Whiting says that the absence of performing live has weighed heavily on her and the other dancers, especially given the relatively short careers professional dancers have.
“Each year, to us, might be five years to someone else in a career. And a lot of growth happens in that time,” Whiting says.
The New Jersey Ballet Company is best known for its annual production of "The Nutcracker.” While details of a return of the holiday classic are yet to be announced, the Florham Park based nonprofit believes with next week's show, the intermission is officially over.
Ticket holders will need to present proof of vaccination at the door to attend the show without wearing a mask. Social distancing will be maintained inside the theater.