New Jersey bakers struggle amid wheat shortage partially caused by war in Ukraine

The price of Russia’s war on Ukraine is being paid in part in New Jersey. It is not just the price of fuel that is increasing. Other products like wheat are also seeing a price increase. And bakers in New Jersey are becoming increasingly worried.
Tin Rivera says she is already spending more than ever to make the products at Baking Mama in Hoboken.
“Last year just our packaging increased by 20%. Also, ingredients - flour and chocolate chips,” Rivera says.
A receipt from Rivera’s latest shopping trip for many of her ingredients shows that she spent $1,200. The same list used to cost $800.
“It’s a big [difference]. Really big. How many cookies can we sell?” Rivera asks.
And now the war in Ukraine could push the cost of some ingredients up even higher, particularly wheat. Ukraine and Russia are said to make up almost one-third of the world’s traded wheat.
It may force Rivera to raise her prices for the first time since opening seven years ago.
“In order for small businesses like us to survive, what else can we do? Either to increase prices or give up,” she says.
But she says that she won’t give up. She says she will stay creative to keep increases to a minimum. And she will stay optimistic that loyal customers understating that things will level out soon.
Rivera says that in addition to rising prices, the shop is also struggling to find ingredients or favorite brands. Other industries where one may see rising prices due to wheat shortages are pizza shops and local craft brewers