New Jersey bagpiper pays tribute to the victims of Texas school shooting

On the streets of Bayonne, it seems everyone has seen - or at least heard - Jonathan Detres.
When a local member of the United States military or a local first responder dies, the 27-year-old member of the Newark Fire Department Pipe and Drum band can be seen walking the streets, playing his bagpipes in tribute. Police officers say they've seen him playing his pipes up on the Bayonne Bridge.
In the wake of the school shootings in Uvalde, Texas, Detres suited up and marched across town again in what he called a "walking memorial" to the slain children and teachers.
"It's one of those things that in my heart I have to do," Detres said.
The walk took him from John M. Bailey Elementary School on 12th Street to Horace Mann Elementary School on 38th Street.
Along the way he played "Amazing Grace,” "God Bless America" and other songs, expressing the sentiments so many of us feel, but for which there simply are no words.