New homeowners have 2 different cars crash through home in short timespan

Driving in New Jersey can be difficult and even dangerous due to the amount of congestion and traffic in the state. It may even seem that every week there are reports of cars crashing into homes around the state.
There is one Ocean County family who knows firsthand how often cars crashes can happen. They purchased their dream home last month and have had not one, but two cars crash into the home in a short amount of time.
The day after the Husar family closed on their first home in Ocean Township, a 25-year-old man driving four friends drove straight through their home and into Deal Lake.
No one was hurt – the family had not moved in yet. But a week later, another driver in a stolen car hit the house from the opposite direction.
“I didn’t believe it. I had to keep looking at the date. It was just the voicemail. I saw a missed call and I was like, ‘No.’ I had to keep looking at the date. I was like, ‘This is today? This is right now?’” says Jenn Husar.
The home does not seem to be situated in a location that makes it particularly vulnerable to having cars crash into it.
“Incredibly, there were no injuries in either crash,” says Jenn Husar.
Except for the damage done to the Husars’ dream of moving into their first home with their young son.
“It’s like every day is a stressful thing. You find yourself staring off into the distance when you are supposed to be playing attention to your son,” says Nick Husar.
The family is too freaked out to move in now and are not sure what they will do next.
“It’s hard to process…Everyone is like ‘Thank God you weren’t there.’ But yeah, we were supposed to be here. And that where I can’t grasp it, so…” Jenn Husar says.
The Husars have insurance and are now working with adjusters for what comes next.