New Harrison PATH station opens

A new and improved PATH station opened in Harrison Tuesday.
PATH says the new station will address Harrison’s growing residential and commercial needs.
The town has grown with new shops, restaurants, and condominiums lining Frank Rodgers Boulevard, as well as the Red Bull Arena.
The new station has glass and steel construction, modern elevators, stair and escalator access to both platforms, closed and weather protected entrances, and extended platforms to accommodate 10-car trains.
The new $256 million station is replacing the 76-year old one, and was supposed to open in 2017, but was delayed until Tuesday.
News 12 New Jersey spoke with commuters looking forward to using the new station.
Nicholas Jablonsky said, “The stairs look phenomenal. The elevators for the disabled and anybody who needs assistance to get up, it all looks great and look at the view it's right next to the arena.”