New COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers coming into US take effect Monday

New travel rules are set to begin Monday on those coming abroad to the United States as COVID-19 numbers rise in the country.
Starting Monday, President Joe Biden is officially requiring inbound travelers to be tested within a day of their flight as opposed to three days, which is what is currently in place.
News 12 New Jersey spoke with flyers at Newark Liberty International Airport Sunday. While some who were traveling domestically said they were OK with it, some others who arrived or departed internationally said it's an inconvenience to them.
A flyer from France said there are some labs that can't return COVID-19 test results within a day, which means they have to pay more to get the results faster.
Family members who were traveling to Nigeria said that a rapid test over there is hard to come by.
The new measure will officially be in place for flights departing after 12:01 a.m.