New Asbury Park space offers musicians place to rest for free

The town of Asbury Park, which is home to the well-known music venue Stone Pony, has taken its admiration for musicians to a whole new level.
A new space called Outpost offers touring artists a place to rest – free of charge.
Self-described as a “sophisticated rest stop,” Outpost is 1,000-square feet of space outfitted with many items to help artists recharge, including a free general store and much more.
“They can do laundry, which artists never get to do on tour. They can do a little bit of yoga meditation and recharge, and, of course, in Asbury Park, one of the best things to do is chill out in Asbury, which is so hip now and such an emerging area,” Outpost creator Ruthie Schulder said. “This outpost location is in partnership with iStar, one of the major developers here in the Asbury Park Waterfront.”
Schulder said the first Outpost opened in El Palso, Texas, and has already had 65 bands visit in eight weeks. A third location is scheduled to open in Las Vega in September.
To learn more about Outpost, CLICK HERE.