Neighbors file complaints about house with too many decorations

Some neighbors have filed complaints against an Old Bridge home that they say attracts too many visitors because of its large Christmas display.
Tom Apruzzi’s home located at 18 Central Ave. sports a very impressive Christmas display. There are 200,000 lights with a 28-minute show in front of the house. Even the backyard is decorated.
The display attracts about 20,000 spectators each year who come by the home to check out the sights.
“I was impressed. Very impressed,” says spectator Nick Mininni. “A lot of dedication to get this going every year.”
Apruzzi says that he has been putting up the display for the past 15 years and takes donations for the organization Home for Troops. He raised $9,000 last year for the charity.
But not everyone is happy with the attention.
The Old Bridge mayor’s office confirms that there have been several complaints. Apruzzi says that his truck was recently vandalized. Police say that someone shot a pellet gun, breaking the windshield.
The complaints include: Too many people in the area and the concern that an ambulance or fire truck can’t make it down the street due to the crowds. 
However, Mayor Own Henry says that the town has taken that into consideration.
“We have scheduled police presence there to make sure to maintain order so roads don’t get blocked,” he says.
The mayor also says that Central Avenue is only for residents. Nonresidents have to park a block or two away and walk to see the light show.
To his detractors, Apruzzi says, “If you try to put a stop to this, what are you going to take away next? Halloween? Easter?”
The display is usually up from Thanksgiving until Jan. 2