Neighbors displaced by deadly fire in Teaneck say cleanup is taking too long

It has been about seven months since a fire destroyed a home in Teaneck. Two people died in the fire, and some people in the area are desperate to put the tragedy behind them.
The home on Arlington Avenue is now a total loss. Asbestos cleanup is next, and then the home will be demolished.
The neighbors next door have also been affected. They say that it is too dangerous to continue living there.
“It has asbestos. We are too close to the house and it’s a danger. We have debris in our yard every day,” says Nicole Clarke.
Clarke’s family includes her three children and two grandchildren. They have been living in a hotel since the fire happened. Clarke says that she is worried that her insurance will soon stop paying.
Clarke says that the contractor who is supposed to be working on the fire-damaged home is dragging his feet. And she says that the town is not doing enough to help.
“I think the town has failed us as minorities on this block. They didn’t’ even board up the house until a month later. I had to call them. We had to clean the mess up,” she says.
Teaneck officials admit that the process has been slow. They have made calls to the insurance company and contractor hoping to speed things up.
“The neighborhood needs this demolished. I know this Miss Brown lost her son and her daughter. But we need some kind of normalcy back after this tragedy,” says Clarke.
News 12 New Jersey left a message for the contractor but did not hear back.
The town says the asbestos cleanup should be scheduled.