Nationwide snowstorms cause delay of COVID-19 vaccine deliveries

Snowstorms across the country are causing a delay in the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in New Jersey
There are 1,800 doses of the Moderna vaccine missing from the agricultural building in Freehold. The doses were physically stuck in other states because of the bad weather. Those doses were destined for New Jersey and 11 other states.
“The problem is my vaccines are stuck in Louisville and Memphis right now,” says Monmouth County Commissioner Tom Arnone.
The commissioner says that there aren’t any doses of the vaccine left, so appointments must be delayed. This includes appointments planned at both the agriculture building in Freehold and the site at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft.
Appointments that were scheduled for Wednesday have been pushed back to Friday. Appointments scheduled for Thursday will be pushed back to Monday.
Arnone says that it is frustrating because Thursday’s snowstorm in New Jersey could create a massive backlog of appointments.
“We are in jeopardy of cancelling Friday’s [appointments] so this is a problem here. Now we are just backlogging next week,” he says.
State officials say that they are fully aware of what is happening.
“Most vaccination sites in our state have been using inventory on hand to ensure all vaccination appointments are kept,” said state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli. “All vaccination sites are expected to have plans in place to reschedule appointments if there is no sufficient inventory.”
Appointments at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center set for tomorrow are also being affected by the snow out west. Appointments are being pushed to Friday or Saturday. Officials in charge say that patients will be notified.