National vs. local pizza chains

Many people who live in the New York/New Jersey area say that there is no better place to get great pizza.
Because there are hundreds, if not thousands of local pizzerias in the Garden State, many New Jerseyans say that they wonder why anyone would go to a national chain like Domino’s or Pizza Hut when they could just go to their local mom-and-pop shop for a slice.
The debate was recently re-sparked when a pair of Jersey City police officers were being investigated for allegedly threatening a Domino’s pizza manager over a delivery order. The confrontation was apparently caught on video.
But when the story broke, many New Jersey residents say that they were more surprised that the officers chose to go to a chain pizza restaurant like Domino’s, instead of a local pizzeria.
A few Domino’s customers told News 12 New Jersey that they go because they go because they believe that the price is cheaper.
But San Remo’s pizza in Woodbridge charges just 25 cents more than the nearby Domino’s for a pie that’s 2 inches larger.
And News 12’s Brian Donohue says that many local pizzerias have a unique history. San Remo’s owner Joe Tramontana says that his father emigrated from Italy and opened the shop nearly 50 years ago.
Some say that they like the chain pizzerias because they like the taste better than local shops. And others say that the national chains are sometimes opened later than local shops, so it is easier to fulfill that pizza craving later into the night.