MVC centers in Randolph, Eatontown closed following positive employee tests

More Motor Vehicle Commission centers across New Jersey have closed after employees tested positive for COVID-19, and one center plagued with frequent closures, Eatontown, is once again in the dark.
Nov. 11 was the last shutdown in Eatontown, and that lasted about two weeks. They reopened for a short time, and Thursday evening, word came in of another positive test result among an employee – causing the process to start all over again. 
The employee who tested positive was last inside the facility Nov. 30.
The Randolph licensing center is also closed today, bringing the total number of MVC locations shut down to 11. The employee who tested positive was last in the center Nov. 27.
Road test operations and the inspection stations remain open at both the Randolph and Eatontown locations.
Five of the 11 currently closed centers are scheduled to reopen next week. The Eatontown location is expected to open again Dec. 15.
Here is when the other locations are expected to open:
West Deptford Regional/Licensing Center – Tuesday, Dec. 8
Salem Licensing Center – Tuesday, Dec. 8
Cherry Hill Vehicle Center – Wednesday, Dec. 9
Medford Vehicle Center – Saturday, Dec 12
Springfield Vehicle Center – Saturday, Dec. 12
Trenton Regional/Vehicle Center – Wednesday, Dec. 16
Newark Regional/Licensing Center – Wednesday, Dec. 16
Flemington Licensing Center – Wednesday, Dec. 16
North Bergen Licensing Center – Thursday, Dec. 17
The Lodi and Wayne licensing centers will be reopening today, and both will be fully operational.