VIDEO: At least a dozen school buses destroyed by fire

At least a dozen parked school buses were destroyed by an early morning fire in East Orange, and the fire was caught on video.
Fire crews were on scene and put out the fires.
The buses and many others are parked in a large lot between between Halsted Street and Evergreen Place, near Central Avenue -- and include both F&A Transportation and Mercy US Transportation, which apparently is operated by the same company.
East Orange resident Daouda Sow says the explosions woke him up around 4 a.m., and he immediately started recording.
A young lady who lives about a block away says she didn't see the flames, but certainly could hear the explosions.
"It was kind of loud," says Danyaile Matthews. "I thought it was a car breaking down or a crash. That's kind of on Central because it's like real busy, but I heard it and it kind of smelled like something was burning."
News 12 has reached out to F&A Transportation, which is one of the names on the buses, and even attempted to talk with someone in the local office, but the door was locked.
There is still no official word from the company, as well as how many buses caught fire or how it may have started.
There are no injuries to report.