Movin’ on out: NJ ranks No. 1 in most moved-from states

A new study from the United Van Lines moving company found that New Jersey ranks No. 1 in the most moved-from states for 2018.
The study found that nearly 67 percent of moves in New Jersey were out of state.
The United Van Lines study did not say specifically why more New Jerseyans were moving out of the state.
But some New Jerseyans who spoke with News 12 New Jersey say that the state is too expensive to live in.
“I think the main reason would be the property taxes. If you look at the surrounding states like Delaware or Pennsylvania, they’re significantly less than New Jersey,” says Raj Patel of Turnersville.
"The pensions and the benefits for our public health sector are really what's dragging us down,” says Steven Pink of Brick.
But not all New Jerseyans are ready to give up on the Garden State.
“What I love about New Jersey is the people in my community,” says Estella Feliz of Montgomery.
“I moved out to Stroudsburg in Pennsylvania, but as soon as I got my green card, I moved back to New Jersey,” says Kiran Sharma of Piscataway. “For me, New Jersey is like a place of opportunities.”
The United Van Lines study found that most Americans were moving around the country due to new job opportunities, moving closer to family and lifestyle changes.
Vermont saw the highest percentage of inbound moves in 2018. The study also found that many Americans were moving west.
More information about the study can be found at the United Van Lines website.