Move over Hollywood: 3 projects currently filming in Paterson

Move over Hollywood -- Paterson is making a name for itself in the world of the film and television industry.
At least three different projects are currently filming in the Silk City, including a new television show, a Netflix original and an Aaron Sorkin movie.
Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh says that part of the reason for the influx of film projects in the city is an increase in tax credit. But he says that the industry also loves the history and architecture of Paterson. Sayegh says that the financial and cultural benefits outweigh the negatives like road closures and other inconveniences.
“The film industry enhances Paterson’s image. Recently I rebranded Paterson. I said, ‘We are the home of Great Falls, great food, great future,’ and now I'm adding great filming to that,” the mayor says. And I’ve got to say, people have benefitted. When [Steven] Spielberg was here [filming] ‘West Side Story,’ they were going to local restaurants."
Sayegh says that Spielberg also donated $30,000 to local park improvements.
The A&E Network series “Live Rescue” has also been featuring Paterson's first responders over the past few weeks.