Mount Holly police cracking down on abandoned cars left on township’s streets

A Burlington County town is cracking down on abandoned cars that are creating parking issues.
“It’s terrible. You can’t park in front of your own house,” says Mount Holly resident Edwin Johnson. “Sometimes I park down the street.”
Parking spots are limited and there are even cars that have been left abandoned for a while.
“It’s our No. 1 complaint that we get throughout the township,” says Mount Holly Police Capt. Richard Pietrow.
The department is starting Operation Clean Streets to remove abandoned cars from the street.
“What really constitutes an abandoned vehicle is one, it hasn’t been moved, and two, it’s inoperable, and three, it’s unregistered or uninsured,” Pietrow says.
Police say that abandoned cars can make it hard to plow the streets when snow season starts. To prepare, they are asking residents to report these vehicles. They will start to remove them next month.
"We usually sticker the car if it's an abandoned vehicle. If it's unregistered, we immediately by law take it from the spot that it's at. If we find that we believe it to be inoperable - obviously telltale signs of the leaves or debris buildup behind the tires - we'll check it out. We'll try notify the owner if we can, and we'll sticker and give them up to 48 hours to move it prior to us towing it,” the captain says.
The department is working with towing companies to prepare. They anticipate 30-50 cars will be towed before Thanksgiving.