Mother says her son was forcefully arrested by three NYPD officers

A Brownsville mother says her son was forcefully arrested by three NYPD officers - and it was caught on camera. 
Tiffany Wint’s 16-year-old son was seen on surveillance video being held down by three police officers. She says he was arrested Friday near a park on Pitkin Avenue and Herzl Street.
“I know every mom says that that’s not their kid,” said Wint, “but he’s not that kid. He’s a sweet kid.”
At one point in the video, it appears as if two officers are holding each of his arms, and the video also appears to show another officer pushing on the child’s chest.
Wint says her son’s arrest followed a basketball game when he noticed an unmarked vehicle circling the park and chose to leave. She says as he left, officers approached him, and following a conversation they tackled him to the ground.
When asking the NYPD about this incident, they told News 12, “Attempted to question an individual regarding a past crime. He became disorderly was taken back to the precinct and given a summons for disorderly conduct.”
Assembly member Latrice Walker took to her Instagram story, calling out the officers for following him and manhandling him in this manner.